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Wrangler Baby Toddler Boy Slim Straight Jeans

Retails for : $ 24.00
$ 17.90
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Garanimals Baby Toddler Boy Short Sleeve Athletic Graphic Tee Shirt

Retails for : $ 9.99
$ 6.66
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Garanimals Baby Toddler Boy Assorted Socks, 6-Pack

Retails for : $ 19.00
$ 11.31
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Healthtex Baby Toddler Boy 5-Pocket Relaxed-Fit Jeans

Retails for : $ 15.99
$ 10.80
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Warner Batman Baby Toddler Boy Graphic Tee Shirt

Retails for : $ 9.59
$ 6.66
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Garanimals Baby Toddler Boy Short Sleeve Printed Tee Shirt

Retails for : $ 9.00
$ 6.60
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IQ Pulse Massagers Purple
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Item Name : IQ Pulse Massagers Purple
Retail Price : $ 435.00
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IQ Pulse Massager II
IQ Massagers can be used several times a day to help owners relieve everyday aches and relax tense muscles. The pocket-size massagers connect to the IQ’s pads, letting users easily focus on relieving problem areas across their bodies. Once connected and activated, the device sends electronic impulses into muscles, triggering a rhythmic contraction and relaxation that simulates the effect of a massage or being walked on by a litter of puppies. To keep owners from becoming used to the same repeated sensation, the massager varies its pulses randomly for always-refreshing sessions.

Pocket-size design
Two outputs
Digital control display
Six massage modes
10 levels of intensity
Adjustable timer (10–60 minutes)
Rechargeable lithium battery
Massage pads typically last two months or longer
Pregnant women and those who use a pacemaker or life-support equipment should avoid using this massager


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