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Wrangler Baby Toddler Boy Slim Straight Jeans

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$ 17.90
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Garanimals Baby Toddler Boy Short Sleeve Athletic Graphic Tee Shirt

Retails for : $ 9.99
$ 6.66
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George School Uniforms Toddler Boy or Girl Unisex Flat Front Shorts

Retails for : $ 20.00
$ 7.80
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Garanimals Baby Toddler Boy Assorted Socks, 6-Pack

Retails for : $ 19.00
$ 11.31
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Healthtex Baby Toddler Boy 5-Pocket Relaxed-Fit Jeans

Retails for : $ 15.99
$ 10.80
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Warner Batman Baby Toddler Boy Graphic Tee Shirt

Retails for : $ 9.59
$ 6.66
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Eebees Adventures Playmat and Activity Playhouse
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Item Name : Eebees Adventures Playmat and Activity Playhouse
Retail Price : $ 99.00
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From the gentlest tummy time activities to the most imaginative toddler time explorations, this unique adventure play mat easily transforms into an activity playhouse to provide an ever-growing interactive learning environment for every baby. As shown in flat position, this soft and stimulating mat measures 3? × 4.5?. With its bold colors, range of textures, and six large 18? × 18? different, engaging and simply re- configured discovery panels, this play mat sets the skill-developing scene for countless learning adventures.Tactile explorations.. mirror play…push-pull games…inside, outside, over and through…open, close…and an exciting range of peek-a-boo variations are just a few of the games you can play as you exercise your baby’s motor, social and thinking skills. Whether you set out the discovery panels as a mat, in a row, as individual play stations, as a “tunnel” or a “house,” a simple change in the position of any panel—from left to right, top to bottom, inside to outside, first to last—will provide you and your baby with new games to play and opportunities to learn. Panels attach easily with Velcro tabs. Includes handy zippered storage bag.


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