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New Look Faux Leather Derby Shoes In Brown

Retails for : $ 55.00
$ 40.00
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The Gerber Graduates Advance Hard Spout Cup

Retails for : $ 12.99
$ 5.99
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Healthtex Baby Toddler Girl Americana Tank, Shorts and Flip Flops 3-Piece Outfit Set

Retails for : $ 19.99
$ 14.59
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Wonder Woman Justice League Costume, Medium Size

Retails for : $ 44.99
$ 27.76
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Garanimals Baby Toddler Girls' Pink Assorted Gripper Socks Ages NB-18M, 2-Pack

Retails for : $ 10.99
$ 7.24
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Retails for : $ 40.00
$ 28.00
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More on How it Works

Thank you for your interest in the Mall for Africa Auction. 

Here’s how it works. .
1. You must have a funded MallforAfrica Webcard. If you don’t have one click here for a distributor

2. Bid on anything you like. You cannot bid on any item without sufficient funds in your account. For example, you cannot bid on an item for $100 if you only have $70 in your webcard account. 

3. The highest bidder wins, it's that simple. You can bid multiple times. There are no extra charges. 

4. As soon as you win, the funds are deducted from your webcard account. 

5. Pickup your winnings at Ikeja, Abuja, Port Harcourt, or Kano pickup locations. We do not do door-to-door shipping out of state. Your auction winning is the price you 'pay' no hidden fees no extra cost. If you win an item for $25, you pay $25.

For example: If you bid on an item and win it for $35, you will get the item delivered to your requested pickup center at no extra charge. So you pay only $35, not a kobo more. 
What is an Auction?  An Online Auction is when people bid on an item and say how much they are willing to pay. The person willing to pay the highest amount wins.  For our Auctions you have to have a suficcient amount of money on your MallforAfrica Webcard to bid on an item.
A Bid Example: Let's say you bid on an item for $40. The system will make sure you have at least $40 on your webcard. Now if someone comes let's say Mr. X and outbids you by placing a bid for that same item at $45 then you would need to bid higher than $45 if you want to win. If you come back and bid $46 and no one else bids before the time runs out for the auction ... YOU WIN.  It really is that simple. As soon as you win the funds are deducted automatically from your webcard account.


Please click here to select your preferred pickup center to collect your winnings.